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As an experienced IT professional and software trainer, I offer bespoke computer training to both individuals and companies.  Whether you are an absolute beginner with a fear of computers; a novice with a desire to learn more; or a proficient user who needs specialised training in key areas, I can offer a training solution to suit your needs in the comfort of your own home. 

I specialise in teaching Windows, MS Office and the market leading CRM software solutions.

For Beginners…

We cannot escape the fact that computers are becoming a significant part of our everyday lives.  If you are not part of the computer generation, you can feel left out.  Even if your motivation for learning how to use a computer is that you feel you are being forced into it, with the right tuition from the start, the journey from luddite to computer user can be easy and rewarding.

Personal tuition means that you get to learn exactly what you want, when you want and at a pace to suit you.  You may only want to know how to send an email and save your digital photographs; or perhaps you want to know what a computer can do to help you with your job; or you may simply want to find out what the Internet is all about.  A tailored programme to help you achieve your goals can be designed just for you. 

And if you still have a question after the training, I offer free telephone and email support afterwards to put you back on the right track.

For Companies…

Investing in training for your staff is a prudent step for any business, but only if you get exactly what you need.  Off-the-shelf training courses for your staff are often expensive and may not give you quite what you wanted.  I offer a totally bespoke programme of training for individuals or groups within your company at a competitive rate.

As an accomplished CRM business analyst with a teaching qualification, and 20 years experience of training and project management, I design training solutions around your specific business needs, with a focus on quality of provision and value for money. 



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— Frederick Briggs, 72, Race Online 2012 People’s Taskforce











'90% of jobs require computer skills'


- Networked Nation Manifesto, 2010