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Bespoke Courses

If you have specific areas of computing that you want to know about, I can design a course to suit you.  This can be of any duration and include any topics – no matter how diverse.  Perhaps you want to know how to email and ‘chat’ to your relatives abroad;  or perhaps you are having a specific problem generating labels in Word that you need help with.  I can tailor a teaching session to address what you want to learn, for however long you want to spend on it.


Standard Courses

Computers for Beginners (1 Day or ½ Day) 

Computers Continued (1 Day or ½ Day)

File Management (½ Day)

Email for Beginners (½ Day)

Using the Internet (1 Day or ½ Day)

Introduction to Skype (½ Day)

Ebay Overview (1 Day)

Managing Digital Photographs (½ Day)

MS Word Introduction (1 Day)

MS Word Intermediate (1 Day)

MS Word Workshop (½ Day)

MS Excel Introduction (1 Day)

MS Excel Intermediate (1 Day)

MS Excel Workshop (½ Day)

MS PowerPoint Introduction (1 Day)

MS PowerPoint Workshop (½ Day)

Maximizer CRM (1 Day or ½ Day)

ACT! Introduction (1 Day or ½ Day)

SalesLogix Introduction (1 Day or ½ Day)

MS CRM (1 Day or ½ Day)


All of these courses can be tweaked and changed in terms of content and duration to suit your needs. 

A full breakdown of the content of each course is available upon request.  (info@janicecampbell.co.uk)























‘41% of people completing a computing course go on to get a PC at home once the benefits are clear.’


’10 million people in the UK have never used the internet; of these, 39% are over 65.’


- Networked Nation Manifesto, July 2010